Spring on the Jackets

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Can’t you just feel spring? Warmer days are just around the corner. That means it is time to put that over-used, wool or down coat into the back of your closet. Or maybe just throw it away? Just kidding! It may just be time to add some new spring jackets to your wardrobe and we have the perfect choices for you to choose from.

There are three must haves that Kyle is wearing in todays post: a short casual trench, a pop of color mid-length trench and a fitted leather jacket. They all serve different purposes, given their color and shape, so it’s important you buy one that fits well into your lifestyle.

The shorter, casual trench is perfect for running errands or shopping! It is lightweight and by adding a pop of color scarf, you’re completing the outfit! Since the jacket is a neutral it’s fun to add accessories like blue sunnies and a coral scarf, in order to bring it to life!

The lighter color leather jacket is a tad bit edgy, so one must pair it with with some sunnies that have an edgy cool vibe. We suggest wearing this into town, on a date night or to compliment a neutral outfit! It’s one of those “fun” pieces to add to your closet.

We have to say the pink mid-length trench is one of our favorites! One must add a cool pair of navy sunnnies and a multi colored striped scarf to neutralize the color scheme! It’s the perfect spring jacket for nearly any event!


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