5 Valentine’s Day Ideas


Valentine’s Day (strangely) lands on a Saturday this weekend! That means that if you haven’t booked your dinner date in advance, it may be hard to book one. So today we are bringing you some interesting date night ideas – whether it be with a group of girlfriends or with your significant other. Valentine’s Day should really be a day that is celebrated everyday! Telling the people you love, that you love them, is super important. However, we wanted to share some fun activities (for 2 or a group) that would be perfect for your upcoming Saturday!

1. Dinner & Dancing: It sounds cliche, but it’s always a winner! Dress up in something fancy (with your girlfriends or your man). We love the idea of dining over delicious pasta and red wine, and ending the night swaying to sweet jazz! So fun!

2. Do It Yourself: This can be interpreted many ways! If you are having a Valentine’s potluck – invite a bunch of girlfriends over and request that they bring their favorite dish. Create a theme so that the dishes will mix well together. And then feast! OR make dinner with your hubby. Put on some music, pop the bubbly and create a delicious meal together (no phone’s allowed).

3. Impromptu Ski Trip: Make some last minute plans! No, we’re not saying you should spend hundreds on flights. Take a little road trip, snuggle up by the fire, or hit the slopes! An impromptu getaway may be just what you need.

4. Fireside Fun: Cozy up by a warm fire and play some old school games! Yes, sans phone! Scrabble, Twister, Charades, Go Fish – you’ll be surprised how much fun it will be!

5. Say Cheese: Instead of indulging in a ton of v-day food, why not create a cheese spread and taste with different types of wine! Note your favorite for future reference.

Have fun!


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