Sealed With A Kiss!

Untitled #36

This is a big week! Fashion month kicks off in New York City and Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday. And with all this snow, we could all use a little something to look forward to? Are we right? Yes! Whether you plan on celebrating the holiday with dinner in a movie or on the town, dancing the night away, we have pulled our very favorite kiss-able lipstick colors! Lipstick colors tend to fall into different categories: nudes, reds, pinks/purples and oranges. And not all lipsticks are created equal! It’s important to choose a shade that accentuates your skin tone. So if you are on the paler side, we suggest you opt for a hue that has blue undertones. A pretty pop of pink or scarlet red may be perfect for you! If you have olive tones in your complexion, you can opt for more of an orange hue! And if you aren’t a lipstick kind of gal, we MUST say that trying different shades can be oh-so-fun! You just have to find the courage to test them out. Happy Monday + stay warm!!


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