The Art of Accessorizing!


Have you been a little apprehensive to wear a fun patterned scarf or a chic statement necklace?  Thinking it might just be a bit much for the office or a cocktail party?  Well, then today’s post is a must read!

Kyle is going to show you how you can take a simple black dress and black cardigan (see above photo) and really make an outfit pop by adding either a scarf or a necklace.  As you read through the “Art of Accessorizing” post you will see Kyle showing a client just how easy it is! It  takes less than 5 seconds to put on a scarf or a necklace and takes your style from fine to devine! It is really just so simple to look and feel more stylish, so enough with the  “I don’t have time for accessories” excuse, it is time to start a relationship with accessories, my friend!

You will see: Kyle showing giving a client a quick lesson on how to accessorize an outfit, a look at Kyle’s before and after photos. it is amazing what a little scarf or necklace can do to add visual interest to an outfit and you will still look polished and professional…..just WAY more chic and stylish, and who doesn’t want that?!

Introducing “the scarf”…..

A client asked Kyle “I would wear a scarf, but I just don’t how!”

Kyle’s reply “It is SO simple….just watch.”




“Hold the scarf in front of you then tie it behind your neck and pull both sides down in front of you and…..

 Voila! It is as simple as that!

Introducing “the statement necklace”….


Not sure if you are ready to wear scarves, then why not try a statement necklace? It can be whatever makes you feel your best….silver? gold? pearls? bling?  It doesn’t matter, wearing a statement necklace will pull your entire look together!  Kyle decided to go with a gorgeous double strand pearl necklace and it looks fabulous with the all black ensemble!

Kyle is so excited to show her client how fab statement necklaces are….but she is not sure, she has never worn a statement necklace before, she has always worn her diamond pendant.  So if you too don’t think you are quite ready for a necklace quite so glam,  that’s ok!!  You can start off with something a little smaller… don’t have to dive into a SERIOUS relationship with statement necklaces, you can ease on in and see what you like…try different metals, colors, beads and styles-this is your opportunity to show off your own unique signature style!





What a difference a scarf can make, right?  Kyle looked fine before in her black sheath dress and black cashmere sweater, but it was too much black….adding the patterned scarf just took her outfit to an entirely new level, we like to call it chictastic!






And, again….you can see it with your very own eyes……adding the pearl statement necklace really changed Kyle’s entire look-the necklace really bring attention up to her face and creates a much more stylish, chic and stunning look!

So whether you are headed to the office, a PTA meeting or simply picking up dinner, a small accessory can go a very, very long way! It can make or break an outfit. Stay tuned for tomorrows post on how to style 1 dress 3 ways.


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