One Piece Three Ways

Untitled #50
As stylists we tend to hear the same things over and over. Women don’t like to spend a ton of money on their wardrobes all at once and they think they will when they hire a stylist. We beg to differ. When we work with clients we bring them the key pieces that their closets are missing. Then we mix and match one piece many ways in order to create different looks. That way you don’t to spend a ton of money and you’re still getting a new wardrobe. Today we are showing you how easy it is to have three completely different looks using one, solid navy pencil skirt! Let’s face it- this is a piece you could buy anywhere from Lord & Taylor to JCrew. Pair it with a colorful work jacket, a chic side zip coat or a colorful lightweight cardigan. Pop on a pair of navy patent pumps and you already have three outfits prepared for the week! How easy was that?

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