Happy St. Patricks Day!

Untitled #49
Happy St. Patricks Day!
We love this holiday so today we are putting together an outfit of the day thats green and gorgeous. Who doesn’t love a day to celebrate, well, anything? We are incorporating some bold spring colors like rich purples, pale pink and lush greens. When you are wearing a statement necklace, like the one above, try to pair it with smaller studs. You don’t want to go overboard with accessories. Let the necklace speak for itself.
Today we are letting you in on a style secret (aren’t you lucky)! All greens go together. Yes I repeat: all greens go together. Can you believe it? Trust us – every shade and hue of green pair together! So break out your green dress and green cardigan, pair them with black tights and black pumps and throw on a statement earring or necklace and you will be good to go!
We hope you have a lucky Monday!
-The Kyle Alexandra team

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