Burrrrinng in the Coats

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The temps have dropped over night and today we want to be cuddled up next to a roaring fire sipping on Starbucks Peppermint Mochas. When we do leave the office today we will need to grab a scarf and jacket, but the jacket really depends on the daily ensemble. Today we are bringing you the top four jackets to purchase for the upcoming winter season.
One: The Car Coat
The car coat is the perfect outerwear to rock over a dress, skirt, pants or jeans! It can totally dress up an outfit so whether your running to the grocery store or you are spruced up for a ten o’clock meeting the car coat is an essential.
Two: The Trench Coat
The trench coat is extremely flattering. It cinches at your waist and is such a classic. Be sure to buy a trench with a liner so that you can wear it when its snowing or raining.
Three: Anorak Coat
The Anorak is warm and rugged. It is the quintessential outerwear for a football game, soccer game or apple picking. Even Princess Catherine has one and often sports hers to the stables when she horse back rides.
Four: The Leather Jacket
The leather jacket is a statement item. You don’t have to be super edgy to wear one! You can pair it casually with jeans or on a date with a blouse and skirt.
No matter which jacket you choose to purchase this winter, you can’t go wrong. All the options included here are unique and gorgeous. Ideally you’ll want to collect all four for all the occasions we mentioned. And always remember there is a time and place for a North Face fleece jacket – and that is to and from the gym in your yoga pants!

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