Taking You Into The Weekend



Happy Friday!

The weekend is finally upon us. We hope you have plans to go apple picking, watch a soccer game, indulge at a beer garden, or walk around the city. Fall is the perfect season, don’t you think? The smells, the activities, the comfort = it’s blissful! We are sharing a little weekend inspiration with you today. Get out there and live! Don’t spend your weekend picking up dry cleaning, going grocery shopping and cleaning the house. Yes, all of these things needs to get done, but also remember that these are two full days that you can enjoy doing things you love. So we encourage you to go LIVE! xx

Halloween The Right Way


Halloween is a great holiday (especially if you have children)! The candy, the scary movies, the trick-or-treating is festive and fun. However, Halloween can be a little tricky to navigate when you want to decorate and celebrate, without spending too much money. And turning your home into a haunted house can be a little daunting. So let’s stick to something simple, shall we? We love details, at Kyle Alexandra. Splurge for the larger chocolate bars, hang dainty orange and back ornaments, buy only white pumpkins for an elegant centerpiece and get creative with how you serve your food! This holiday doesn’t have to be a big one. Make it one you’ll enjoy. xx

French Girl Chic


And while we are dreaming of the French countryside, we are also providing some fashion inspiration for when you do book those tickets abroad. There is something about red that screams Parisian fashion. A red beret, a red bag, a red printed dress, a red scarf. It’s all so glamorous and effortless. The Parisian way. There is never not a season to rock some French flair, so today we’ve rounded up some great examples. Is that red bag in the back of your closet collecting dust because you’re not sure about how bright it is? We encourage you to test it out! Red is a great fall color. You’ll receive lots of compliments. We promise! And what about that black silk scarf in your top drawer? Why not tie around your neck to add a little something to that LBD? Date night? Work? These ideas work for it all. Have some fun! xx

Dreaming Of…


The French countryside!


Just look at those window boxes and quaint nooks and crannies. Oh do we love that country. We are opting to send you into your Thursday afternoon with someone LOVELY travel inspiration. We know, we know. France is a big trip, but maybe it will get you thinking about taking one! It’s probably been a while. And we know the holidays are coming up, so why not start planning for an early spring vacation? Something to get you out of your winter slump. France is the perfect spot! Paris, Cannes? You get the best of both worlds with both a city and beautiful countryside. Just think about it! xx


All Bundled Up!


It’s been unseasonably warm—and we certainly are not complaining! It’s glorious. But we are right around the corner from scarves and mittens and flushed cheeks. We aren’t being debby downers! In fact: we love this weather (at least at first). It’s a chance to bring out our very favorite jackets and make them apart of our wardrobe. Here are a few favorites from fashion week that we have an eye on (for all of you): pale blues, neutral camel and soft pewters are perfect with all sorts of complexions. So it’s time to find your perfect color before it’s time to bundle up!🙂

Bring The Positive


Kyle is a big proponent of positivity! And she taught me a lot about how to find positivity in every. single. day. When you omit positive feelings and thoughts, the world will reward with positive situations. When working in the retail word, sometimes conversations can become strained and complicated situations can arise. Kyle has always taught me and the other young professionals who have worked for her to step back from a situation, really think about the best way to solve it and move forward in a positive way. So if you can’t find the sunshine around you, be it. And things will change accordingly. xx

Pop, Fizz, Clink!


It’s Fri-yay!

Time to sit back, relax and look back over the week that you just crushed and enjoy a cocktail (or two). I mean, let’s be serious: after a week of cooking yourself meals, working that 9- (definitely past) 5 p.m. grind, workouts, e-mails, early rises, late nights, it’s come to a close and now you have a few days ahead of you to relax and recoop. So today we are sharing some bar car inspiration! We love the little gold cart that easily travels from the dining room to the living room. The bottom can be for the extra mixers and fun straws, where the top of the card is for essential liqueurs, a cocktail shaker and (Kyle’s favorite) coasters! Cheers.