Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays, everyone!

The time has finally come. We are wishing you the happiest of holidays. We hope you spend it with your loved ones, surrounded by delicious food, maybe a little champagne, a brightly lit tree and lots of love. Thank you so much for following along with us in 2016. 2017 will be even better. We will be back next week with some fun New Years ideas. Until then: Merry Christmas! xx


Escape to Arizona

Sounds random, but Arizona can be the PERFECT place to escape to. Between the beautiful landscape, 5 star resort and spas and warm weather—it’s sort of a low-key oasis. Just look at these gorgeous photos. You don’t have the be the “outdoorsy” types to enjoy the Arizona climate, but if you do love to hike, it’s an added plus! Just thinking lovely, warm thoughts on a freezing cold day… or perhaps maybe a last minute Christmas present? A February getaway sounds sort of perfect right now. xx



If you’re like us, you love to switch up your nail color—especially during the duller winter months. Now we don’t go crazy over here, but subtly trying out new shades can totally make your outfit! And we’re talking both regular polish and shellac. There are so many fun salons these days that have nail art and while we love those for special occasions, a bold, glossy shade typically makes us the happiest gals in the world. Here are some of the gorgeous winter hues that have us swooning: lilacs, ruby, navy , pewter, greens and neutral red shades. Delicious! xx

Happy 1st Birthday Brooks!


Today is an EXTRA special day! Brooks Moreland turns 1-years-old. I don’t think anyone can quite believe it. He’s such a joyful, beautiful, happy little boy and is loved by so many wonderful people. Sending l0ve, hugs, kisses and cake to this perfect little love bug on his special day. xx

Gift Guide: For The Guys

Christmas is sneaking up! And sometimes gifting to the men in your life can be the hardest. They tend to have everything they ever need. So why not guide them something that looks on them (and isn’t hard to look at ;)). We love a dapper man, so why not opt for some classic pieces: a masculine watch, a navy or cognac winter jacket, a new monogrammed wallet, sneakers they’ve been eyeing, a new hat or some elegant work shoes. Sometimes men don’t know what they want. There are SO many options out there for them! So it’s up to us ladies to help them out! Happy shopping. xx

Pantone Color of the Year: Greenery


To be honest, we LOVED last year’s color(s) of the year. Never had Pantone really chosen two colors that blended and complimented each other so well: pale pink and blue. We were totally smitten. We were somewhat surprised about this year’s color, however. Greenery was chosen and while the shade of green they chose can only be worn by certain people, the color green itself is actual quite beautiful and can be worn by many. You will begin to see the color a lot more: in clothes, in furniture, in makeup, in appliances—all over. Yes, it has the kind of mass exposure. So today we have opted to inspire you with some of our favorite green shades. Whether it’s in your purses’ print or the color of your champagne bottle, green is certainly the bold choice.

Motivation Monday


Can you believe we’re only a few short weeks away from 2017?! It feels like 2016 has had some pretty high highs, and some pretty low lows—just like any year. Over the next few weeks it’s a great time to reflect on how the peaks and pits of year will effect your future. It’s a chance to take all the 2016 learnings and apply them to 2017! To assist you in your reflection process, here are a few key questions to ask yourself:

1. What was the single best thing that happened this past year?

2. What was the single most challenging thing that happened?

3. What was an unexpected joy this past year?

4. What was an unexpected obstacle?

5. Pick three words to describe this past year.

So hard, right?! But a great start. Good luck! xx

Gift Guide: For Her

Who doesn’t love gifting the one’s you love with something special? Gifts should be items that the person would never buy for themselves. They should be thoughtful, because don’t you want them to be put to good use? Here are some random, albeit thoughtful ideas for gifting your mom, sister, best friend, female boss, etc.:

  1. Accent Items: Women love to add accents to their living spaces. Think: Candles, soaps, flowers, ring dishes, coffee table books and knick knacks. These types of gifts rarely go above $100 if you know the right places to look. And women can feel guilty about buying these luxuries for themselves. So be that person! Gift her something that will make her smile (and she will actually use)!
  2. Blue Apron: Regardless if you are a woman who loves to cook, gifting someone a Blue Apron package is really nice. It pre-portions your meals and gifts you the exact ingredients to create a delicious meal (for one or two). This would be great for a single woman or a woman in a couple! Super special.
  3. Wine Delivery Service: Do I even have to explain this? Companies like Winc now deliver (customized) wines to your door! It can be a shipment that they can end up refilling and it makes it super easy (especially in the winter) to receive both red, whites and rosés!
  4. Home Favorites: This one can be a little more personal, so I would stick with cousins, family, close friends, etc. For this we are thinking: comfortable throws for the living room, unique vases, large serving dishes, cheeseboards (with app napkins). Hint: These types of favorites need to match and mix with your friends interiors though, so just be aware! xx

Just A Hint

It’s holiday season! And while we are sure your hostess-gifting, shopping for your family, thinking of the best work presents to tie with a bow, sometimes indulging in a splurge or dropping a hint is in your best interest! We know some ladies love their purses, but today is an ode to the shoe. As long as you have all the basics (nude pump and flat, black pump and flat) it may be time to add a pair of shoes with flair to your closet! Whether it be a small leopard pump or a strappy pink pair, we dare you to try something out. xx

Signature Colors


Everyone has a group of signature colors that look good on them. Colors that can weave in and out of your closet (and at times you aren’t even aware until you begin to see a pattern)! We’ve rounded up Kyle wearing the darling colors pink and black. Kyle demonstrates how to wear two colors SO many ways! Did you ever think two colors could make such a difference? You could opt for a lightweight black dress and spice it up with a pop of color belt! You could opt for color blocking and let a sheath dress do the talking (bottom left). Or you could choose one single color like the top row and jazz it up with accessories—like a gold bag or sparkly necklace. These are the perfect looks to take you into the holiday season! Have fun tonight. xx