Red Pout


We saved this post for today, because it’s Friiiiiday! And one of the last official Friday’s (and weekends) of summertime! Can you believe it? I’m sure we’ll have plenty of warm weather well into the October-November time frame, but I feel like we’re all sort of ready to jump into our cozy cardigans on cooler morning and curl up with some hot tea. Who doesn’t love the leather and dark colors and sweet smells of fall? It’s definitely our favorite season (the clothes. are. amaze.) So today we suggest you go out with your best red pout and enjoy the last few weekends of this hot time of year! xx

The Wrong Way vs. The Right Way

Trends, trends, trends.

They change every season. And we must remind everyone that not every trend is for every person. Halter tops, crop tops, midi skirts, platform heels, sneakers with dresses, frayed jeans = are just SOME of this summers trends. And as we said, not for everyone. This new fall trend, however, has us perplexed. Velvet heels are a “thing.” And we aren’t sure how we feel about that. On one hand, they can definitely look cute with a long burgundy dress and black moto jacket. On the other hand, they can easily be worn the wrong way, as well. While we aren’t encouraging you to rock a 5 inch heel any time soon, we do find these velvet pretties sort of perfect for the transition into fall. Thoughts?

Calm, Cool and Collected


In addition to fashion and beauty, Kyle has an innate interior decorating skill (something she may have gotten from her extremely talented/creative father). She has a very specific eye. She notices all the little details others don’t. She narrows in and is able to point out the best features of certain spaces. Then she eloquently styles the space so that the color scheme is appropriate, calming and cohesive! Today we are showcasing some neutral interiors that fit that same idea. Smooth marble, fluffy white accessories and charming nooks are our interior inspo for today! xx

Monday Motivation



This may take the cake in terms of Monday motivation posts.

Before starting her own business, Kyle worked for major Fortune 500 companies where she immersed herself in corporate culture. For the first few years out of school Kyle was working really hard, but didn’t love every aspect of the corporate lifestyle. And she really saw a need for reinventing the idea of appropriate workplace wardrobes. And thus, the brilliant idea of Kyle’s business model was born. And years later, she truly loves helping people transform their wardrobe, their perspectives and their lives! So today we are inspiring you to do the same if you have found yourself in a position you don’t love. Life is too ding dang short! Go out there – And Live! xx

Best Practices for a Well Balanced Life


Here are some reminders that will help you to live your best life:

  1. Put your phone on your charger on the other side of the room.
  2. Enjoy water with lemon when you first wake up.
  3. Think something kind about yourself in the mirror in the morning.
  4. Ask for help when you need it.
  5. Say no to something once a day.
  6. Buy less meat. Add more veggies.
  7. Go for a walk after dinner.
  8. Always wear sunscreen.
  9. Take your vitamins.
  10. Keep a memory book.
  11. Say you’re sorry.
  12. Exercise.
  13. Meditate.
  14. Trust your gut.
  15. Stay away from drama.
  16. Call your mom.
  17. Write your thank-you notes.
  18. And… smile!

End of Summer Bucket List


Can you believe we are in the dog days of summer? We certainly can’t. But if we are channeling our inner Kyle Alexandra’s we will find ways to enjoy every. last. drop. So how do we do that? Well, for one thing! Get off your phone! And your computer. And just do. Go out there and LIVE! It is Friday after all. Today we’ve put together a delicious end of summer bucket list, that is so up your alley. Indulge, friends:

1. Buy fresh strawberries from the farmers market.
2. Jump in the ocean.
3. Eat a lobster in Cape Cod or Maine.
4. Buy ice cream from an ice cream truck.
5. Make lemonade from scratch (and spike it if you’re inclined,  because duh).
6. Take an outdoor nap under a shady tree on a blanket.
7. Go to a baseball game.
8. See an outdoor concert.
9. Play hooky mid-week to enjoy a beautiful day outside.
10. Drink a glass of rosé at an outdoor wine bar.
11. See an outdoor movie.
12. Eat a meal completely made from seasonal vegetables.
13. Play corn hole.
14. Go to a pool party.
15. Have friends over for Sunday lunch.

After all… August is sort of the Sunday of summer. xx

Weekend To Do List


It’s Summer. It’s August. It’s blissful.

Today happens to be very, very hot. So why not play a little hooky? Get out of the office! Head to the beach. Head to the pool. Or head to the closest terrace with a cocktail. Don’t make us remind you that an August Friday doesn’t exactly roll around every few weeks. It’s like gold! So get out there and enjoy it! We are sending you into the weekend with the exact two images that we plan on copying ourselves. Cheers! xx