Wednesday Wisdom


It’s Wednesday, so we are serving up some wisdom.

We all have those days that are so-so. The days where your keys get locked in the car, when you spill coffee all over your white blouse, when your email is 500+ and counting. You start to get discouraged, frustrated—and suddenly that mediocre day just became a bad day. So stop for a second. Stop overthinking and stop sending out bad vibes. Take a moment to reset, or everything else that day will start to go downhill, too. And nobody needs that. So take 5. Take a deep breath, put out some great vibes and begin again. And tomorrow, don’t let that funk follow you.


Bathtubs & Bubbles


Can we talk about bathtub time for a moment? The best season is here (re: fall) which is the PERFECT excuse to get in that bubble bath! How pretty and delicate are the photos above? We imagine the lights a little lower and lot’s a pumpkin and vanilla candles sprinkled throughout the room. Throw on some jazz music, overdo it on the bubbles, pour yourself a glass of red wine and jump in! We dare you. X

Weekend Vibes



T-G-I-F! T-G-I-F!

The weekend has a arrived (and so has fall) and it’s got us feeling some type of way! Fall weekends are in a word – perfect. Cinnamon glazed donuts, pumpkin spiced lattes, crunchy leaves under our feet, cashmere throws, cozy mornings (the list goes on an on). Take this weekend to really sit back, relax and take it all in (we are surely going to). We know you’ve probably jumped right into a new (school or work) year with lots of busy activities, but remember that life is short and it’s hard to slow down and really enjoy everything around you. Trust us, you’ll love it when you do. xx

Hat Trick


Currently loving: hats, hats, hats. That’s right, we are loving hats so much that they get a triple play. Hats are the perfect accessory for fall. Fedoras, caps, scrunchy beanies. The options are endless and the looks are versatile (which is just how we like it). Today’s round up is inspired by neutral accessories: black, dark green, beige, grey. These are the perfect colors to round out an outfit with. You can easily make a statement without looking silly. xx

Copper & Merlot


Yesterday we began to talk about the deliciousness that IS fall. So let’s kick it off with some gorgeous beauty looks. We figured we’d stick to a theme when rounding up beauty galleries and this week it is merlot lips and copper hues. It’s a darker, whimsical look that is perfect for a date night out. You can create major dimension with the perfect metal colored combinations for eyes. Plus – splurge on a new darker lipgloss. And let us know how it goes! xx

Words of Wisdom



One of the best lessons Kyle taught me was to keep a level head. Day in and day out we are put in situations where we need to explain our point of view to someone who just clearly doesn’t understand where we are coming from. Instead of immediately responding (and potentially saying something you regret) why not take a beat. Step away from the computer or the phone or even the situation and take some time to reassess. Reentering a conflict or hard situation is better either the next day or after a few hours. It will give you some time to reflect and try and understand how to communicate better. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever learned from her. And that is why we are sharing it with you today. Just a little reminder to stay both kind and humble. xx

Fall Style Inspo

Given that today is the first day of fall, we thought we would share oodles of fresh style choices with you. The change in season is so fun! We won’t be seeing snowflakes anytime soon so boots aren’t exactly screaming to be worn. Why not pick up some new flats or pumps? Layering is EVERYTHING this season. Adding scarves and light sweaters/jackets will make it easy to transition fro day to night. And these flats are not only adorable, but they sophisticated, too. We suggest a dark brown, black or moody red. Ooh-la-la! We are having fun already. xx